If you have watched movie Gully Boy, then you will remember incident of Murad spraying street graffiti which says

“Roti, kapda, makan+ internet”, carefully underlining internet

Murad’s simple desire for these four essentials gives us a peek into the minds of countless Indians today

While the tech explosion rapidly unfolds among a multitude of users: rich and poor, young and old, illiterate and learned; app owners are figuring out a way to captivate everyone’s attention. In this context, the concept of a Super App seems like the perfect fit for India.

Every tech CEO wants a Super App.

A Super App is “app for everything” under the same umbrella interface.

Imagine one app allowing you to arrange a catch-up with a friend, pre-order food from a restaurant, book a taxi to the restaurant, get directions on foot, pay for the meal (or send your friend the money), check movie times and book tickets, and also buy that coat that you’ve been after for ages that has just been put on sale. All without hitting the home button.

In China, super apps have even created their own currency—WePay and Alipay. These are transacted more than the official currency of the nation. You cannot survive a day in China without WeChat or Alipay—they have replaced credit cards and have become quasi-banks for consumers.

That’s Super app my friend


Google Pay is building one, WhatsApp needs one, Amazon is dabbling in it, Jio is putting one together, Flipkart (and PhonePe), and Paytm are the other contenders. And now, Tata Group—not to be left behind in the race for India’s trillion dollar digital economy—wants one as well.

When Facebook invested in Reliance Jio, many believed that the coming together of the two giants would lead to a WeChat-kind of the super app ecosystem. While there are no indications of that happening yet, it appears that the Tata Group, one of India’s largest business conglomerates, has been gearing up for a super app play.

As per report from Mint, The 152-year-old Tata Group is talking to Walmart Inc. for a $25 billion investment in a “super-app,” a multipurpose online platform combining fashion, lifestyle and electronics retail, food and grocery, insurance and financial services, as well as digital content and education

One final word.

The fact of the matter is that the Indian people like having a choice, in everything from biscuits to Cars. They prefer to compare prices across platforms and get the best deals for themselves. Since most Indians are such pros at deal hunting, it becomes difficult for a single platform to deliver the best deal on each and every product and capture their attention.

The winners will be the ones who unlock local, innovative work-arounds and craft category-leading digital experiences.

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